About Us

Lisa Tice began making jewelry the way most parents fall into hobbies. A  friend, Sharon, taught Lisa’s 11 year old daughter Rickie to make  a simple pair of earrings, and a shared interest blossomed. The two would sit out on their patio on early mornings, their beagle Sugar at their feet, and they would learn to create new pieces together. Thus, Sugarjewlz was born. Now Sugar is gone, and Rickie has grown up, but Lisa continues. Hers is a labor of solace, working before anyone else is awake or when the house is empty, crafting her unique pieces from a bounty of materials, from marbles, sea glass, and stones found on the beach, to fine crystals, gemstones and antique clasps and buttons. 

All pieces are one of a kind or limited editions. Lisa also does house parties, and takes custom orders from individuals or small groups such as bridal parties.

Part of Lisa’s vision is to share her love of beadwork, design and creativity with others, of all ages in all ways. She has done many workshops for the Girl Scouts, and teaches a beading class, along with her daughter Elora, as part of a local elementary school Saturday enrichment program. Sugarjewlz has taken part in numerous fundraisers. They partner annually with the Village Wine Cellar in Bellerose, New York to raise funds for Bethany House, an organization that helps provide housing to homeless women and children.

When she is not making beautiful jewelry or cooking copious amounts of food for family and friends, Lisa is known to collect a homeless dog or four, and is not averse to finding inspiration in an occasional late afternoon cocktail while shopping for supplies for her next creations.

   Photos by Maggie Murphy. Adorable rescue pup Una!


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